Friday, May 07, 2004

For Everybody Who's Down on Kerry 

I found this op-ed a good read.

It points out that Kerry's been fairly consistent on Iraq - it's Bush who's moved from unyielding unilateralism to acknowledging that maybe the UN isn't as useless as he insisted it was before giving the rest of the world the finger and doing what he damn well pleased in Iraq.

The considerable irony here is that Kerry has maintained the same position on the war since he voted to authorize our intervention back in the fall of 2002: in favor of ousting Saddam Hussein but insisting we needed the backing and aegis of the United Nations and NATO to have the troop strength and legitimacy required to rebuild the nation. The flip-flopper on Iraq has been George W. Bush, who was single-minded when it came to getting Hussein but whose views on controlling postwar Iraq have gone from a truculent unilateralism to a Kerry-esque acknowledgement that we need the United Nations to run the place until an Iraqi government can assume sovereignty.

(from the Washington Post)

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