Thursday, April 22, 2004


This is a post I wrote on another political forum that I felt the need to share.

This is one of my many stabs at the "shorter" style, where you satirize an article (or anything, really) by summarizing it in one sentence or two. For much better examples of this style, some of which even have current relevance, check here: Right here.

Shorter version of Ann Coulter's pathetic defense of Rush Limbaugh's drug abuse (Link expired, check Townhall):

"It's perfectly fine to be addicted to a legal drug, even if you obtain it illegally, as long as it was prescribed to you at some point. It's not the slightest bit hypocritical to defend someone I know and support for something I'd be having apoplectic fits over if the person in question had a (D) after their name. Also, since I can't write a column or make a point without mentioning it: Monica Lewinsky. Chappaquiddick for good measure, and Monica, Monica.""

It never ceases to amaze me how many people who make a living shaking their finger at the rest of us turn out to be projecting.

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