Friday, March 26, 2004


(Preface: please assume for a moment that I have a lot of readers, and there is an active comments section. Then the following will make sense.)

Addryc in comments writes about "the way they are blanketing Richard Clarke right now - they have a good knack of getting together to try and discredit things like this".

While he makes a good point - Bush & Co. are very good at changing the focus to their accusers - I think in this case Clarke doesn't have much to worry about.

So far, every line of attack the Bushies have used has been deflated.

"He was incompetent" - then why was he kept on in 2001?
"He didn't have any power" - then why has just about everything he recommended been done?
"He's a Democratic hit-man" - then why did he vote for Bush in 2000?
"He's looking for a job in Kerry's administration" - then why did he deny it under oath?

and my favorite

"He's friends with Democrat Rand Beers" - so fucking what? I have plenty of Republican friends and that doesn't mean I'm a shill for the BFEE (homage to Bartcop). Since when do your friends determine what your political beliefs (and in this case, your public pronouncements) are?

He's said pretty much everything under oath that he said in his book. And his heartfelt nationally televised mea culpa (summary: "We failed you, and I apologize") definitely didn't hurt him in the court of public opinion.

Not to mention the contrast between Condoleezza Rice hiding behind executive privilege and refusing to testify under oath versus Clarke standing up for what he's alleged while under oath.

I think the current brouhaha will mark the turning point for this administration and hopefully for this election. Once people stop trusting a politician, that's pretty much it, and nobody paying attention has any reason to trust this man and his cohorts any longer.

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