Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I feel my grip on reality slipping... 

Heh heh heh.

I just started playing Star Wars Galaxies. Background for the uninitiated: this is essentially an online world. You assume an identity in the Star Wars world, set shortly after the end of the original movie. The game is always going and people just pop in and out

My buddy Steve (mmogwitterings in the blogroll to the right) hooked me up with a free week, during which time I've managed to get my wookie marksman/scout about a third of the way toward bounty hunter, which I'm told is the longest road in the game - leave it to me to pick the hardest path. I suppose the end result of my path will be hunting Jedi, although that's a long way off from where I am now.

During the week I got hooked, which I guess is the point of giving away a week. So tomorrow I'm headed to the local Best Buy to pick up my very own copy and see what a month is like.

Anyway, if anybody's on the Eclipse server, give a shout to Vaargh, and I'll swing by and we can go hit some missions or "visit the beautiful fountains of Naboo" or - something. Still figuring this MMOG thing out, but it's pretty fun so far.

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