Monday, May 05, 2003

I'm Chris Myles. By day, I'm a computer programmer, working in an established software company writing administrative applications for school districts in Java, Visual Basic, and a pretty lame language called Tango. By night, I'm an amateur political analyst who's working on a cutting-edge Point-Of-Sale product for a startup company that I hope will make me rich someday, but is for now an interesting distraction. By night, I also play video games.

Monday Morning Pundit is a (probably lame) takeoff on the Monday-morning quarterback phenomenon. What I plan to do is react to political news, as well as link to political news of interest.

I'm a liberal by philosophy, and plan to expand on that classification in the future, since it doesn't fit 100%. Suffice it to say, I'm none too happy with the state of our current government, and will make no pretenses about my leanings.

I got the idea to start my own blog after being published (indirectly and without definite attribution, but I was the guy - I've got the originals...) on Altercation and Eschaton, two of the highest-traffic lefty blogs out there. I figured, hey - if those guys can do it, and think enough of what I send them to post it numerous times, why can't I do it too?

Anyway - more to come.

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